Saturday, July 9, 2011

Camp Nanowrimo

Okay, if the story goes the way I think it should.  These are the merit badges I should get durring Camp Nanowrimo.  

Definitions are below:  World Building Procrastination, In accordance with the prophecy.  OMG!, Magical Mayhem, Medling with Wizards, Magic Discovery, Looking for Elfland (or something like that), Here there be Dragons (maybe/maybe not) but a fun idea. Ghost Stories, Brick Wall, S'mores, Bulls Eye and Nano Saving. 

The banner below shows all the badges.

General Fantasy:
World Building Procrastination/ Your Creator is Avoiding You - procrastinating by working on your world

Time Can Be Funny In Dreams - for inventing an alternate calendar (or names) for your fantasy universe
Lost in Dreams - for including too many flashbacks or when a large portion takes place in a dream world
In Accordance With The Prophecy: if you've got a prophecy floating around your story
Dimension-Hopper - for having your characters travel to another (or several others) dimension(s). (See: Narnia, Wonderland, etc.,)
OMG! - for introducing god(s) to your story and/or blaming them for everything that happens.
Off The Edge of the Map - for getting your characters hopelessly lost (Less of a fantasy trope, but we tend to do this a lot)
Speak, Friend, and Enter- for building a con-lang
Off on a Quest- for epic questing
Extreme Badge - for going over the top with... something.
Apostrophe-Dash - Include a name with an ' or - or both or several
Savage Slayer- For someone who has a character who kills other "savages".

Related to Magic:Magical Mayhem - For either including magic or creating mayhem WITH magic
Meddling with Wizards - for when your MC/protaginist (s) use magic
Magic Discovery - for when a magical discovery is made that was not known to the characters before (About characters OR world)
The Wizard Did It - For using this trope literally (found on TVTropes, but TVTropes will ruin your life, so I am NOT linking)
Our Magic is Different - for well... making your own magic system. May or may not actually be different, even in your own opinion

High Fantasy:
Conjuring Kingdom
- A kingdom filled with magical characters (or creatures!)

Fantastical Creatures:Originator Badge- for creating a new species
Our Elves are Different- for revamping an existing species
No Elves Allowed- for using no fantasy races
Looking for Elfland - for when looking for where (insert race or whatever [fairy, elf, etc.,]) is a significant subplot
Here There Be Dragons- for including dragons
Chattering Chipmunk/Pontificating Penguin- for talking animals
Brains - for including zombies
Sink Your Fangs In Badge- For adding a vampire to your story.
Ghosts Stories - for including a ghost or telling ghost stories

Urban Fantasy/Fantastical Realism/etc.,:
Magically Metro/ Magical Metro- For characters who are magical and travel by metro (Or Similar).
The Cool -Steed- Car - Protagonist (or other character) has traded the fearless destrier in shining armor for an improbably cool car

GENERAL BADGES (Non-fantasy specific):
Brick Wall - For getting over huge writer's block
De-Evolution - For hand-writing
S'mores - For actually eating s'mores while writing.
Tent Writer - For anyone actually camping (in a tent outside or under your dining room table) during part of camp.
Mail Call - Well, for sending or receiving camp mail, of course.
Bullseye! - for getting your 50,000 words.
NaNo Saving - for compulsively hitting save on everything from forum posts, to tweets, to your actual novel doc


  1. I was so bummed that I missed the beginning of Camp. It came and went without me noticing. Stupid busy summer. On the upside, you write fantasy! Yay for another fantasy writer!

    Let's see, in my current WIP, I'd only get the Extreme Badge, the No Elves Allowed Badge, and possibly the Magical Metro. Oh, and the s'mores. What? We had a fire going.

    Good luck with your NaNoing. Will you be sharing how things go?

  2. The Wizard Did It, LOL! I love this whole idea, thanks for sharing it. (I saw the wee bulletin board, but was waiting patiently for the explanation.)

  3. I got so confused by Camp Nano - had no idea when it was even meant to start :P Anyway...sounds like you've been having fun so far! hehe

  4. I thought it was only an urban legend myself. However I heard it was real and kept at it until it finally exposed itself. It is odd 'cause they have their own website but we use the Nano boards too. July is the beta test. August it is supposed to be up and running.

    Julie, glad you are patient.
    I got caught up in the drama and forgot to share.

    I'll try to remember to post more often how it is going. Right now I am woefully behind. *hangs head and sighs*

  5. I don't want to camp but I want the smores. I've got to work smores into my reward system more often!