Friday, July 22, 2011

It's how I roll..

I'm exercising right now.  No really.  I'm sitting on a giant blue ball, that may or may not squirt out from under my butt at any minute.  Very good for the core you know, not to mention enhancing the sense of dread that I could go butt over tea cup any moment.

The dog sitting at my door looking hopefully on, is mentally willing the ball to zip across the room.  The look he gives me assures me that he'd know what to do with this ball and it wouldn't involve parking his arse atop the thing.

Ball for the core and caffeine to get the heart rate up. 
Yep, this is me exercising.


  1. My gkids spend lots of homeschool hours that way. Minus the coffee, of course. And add a cat to the dog watching along.
    You're all braver than me. I can fall over thick air, though, so I'd best not risk it.

  2. And a cat... that's awesome!

    Bob has not shown an interest yet. I'm not sure what I was thinking. I took an exercise class once where I actually tried to use one of these things and it kept squirting across the floor. >.<

  3. Oh man I would love one of these!