Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Well, shut my mouth...

We all have to take critique seriously...
It is true, I let my blog become more personal than it should have.

Well, shut my mouth.

I shall try to keep my blog more focused on my writing.   Don't know that there is a lot that is interesting in that.   Guess I can talk about the process as I go through it.  Seems boring, but... maybe not?  It is what excites me.


  1. What the? Judie, this is your blog. Write about whatever you like. :)

  2. What Delia said.
    (who doesn't believe in SHOULD)

  3. There's critique and then there's BS. How have you gotten too personal? What's wrong with personal?

  4. YaY!! Validation. Thanks guys.

    Can't say more than that... or I'd have to delete you. = )

    Someday when I am a big bad a$$ writer and the blog is being used to sell books, I get being more professional. But for now I'm just the girl down the street, walking her dog at 3:00 am, doing the best she can to muddle through this life.

  5. I understand when it impinges on someone else's privacy. Sometimes I show my husband something "Can I post these pics of you? Can I tell them that xyz?" I'm always thinking about the privacy line. But I don't remember you writing anything private or critical about anyone else? Like marriage problems or something!

    I did choose to get more personal this year in re my own thoughts and struggles on my blog. But even from a professional standpoint, that can be a good thing, especially for writers. Don't we all LURV knowing what's going on in Jenny and Lucy's lives? Most professional writer blogs include personal stories. That's the good stuff!

    So as long as you're not hurting someone else, I do think you should blog about wherever your heart is. :-) Just like with our writing, we have to follow our instincts and our passion. But that's just my wee opinion.