Friday, July 15, 2011

Things to remember...

1. Always trust your gut instinct.
2. Be careful what you wish for.


My boss had me send out a wire using wire instructions we had on hand.  I felt like I should question it.  But as I was just, helping out, I rationalized that it was okay.  I don't normally do this job.  The gal that does it was out for the day.  Had I questioned it my boss would have said, "Shit Jude. WTF!!!" etc. The wire would still have been sent, to an account that had been closed.   Yeah, not good.  It was a nightmare all day today and it has STILL not been resolved. 


I was on my way home and I got a text, I wanted a red light so I could check it but there was not a red light to be found.  I was approaching a trax crossing and I wished for a train.  Ahahaha I got the red light, where I check the message and I got BOTH trax trains.

I remembered to thank the universe for listening to me and giving me what I wanted.  I was laughing while I was thanking, but I was thanking.

Update on Camp Nanowrimo.  So far this is the only merit badge I've earned at camp.

World Building Procrastination/Your Creator is Avoiding You
*Thanks to SavannahJaxx for the Icon*

Where I've gone awry at camp hasn't been the smores or the nightly campfires and pillow fights. I simply forgot to put the editor to bed.  It comes natural to me during November.  I mentally gear up for locking the big bad editor up in a box and tossing him over the fence.  I didn't do that. 

I thought camp would be great 'cause I really just need to do a 'don't look down' draft of this story that has been dogging me for ten months now.  I have back story up the wazoo.  I keep changing who the MC should be, mother, daughter, evil aunt.  So now I am half way through the month and um, around 5,000 words.  I've written way more than that, but because of the editor and his chronic need to delete, delete, delete, I'm left with basically nothing. 

Not that I'm giving up, HELL NO!!  As I was walking Chester this morning, with the lovely full moon lighting our way, I started to feel the pieces fall into place.  All the back story, all the drama, all the loss, all the angst, I knew what needed to be done.  I've put these poor characters through hell for the last ten moons and by golly, it was time.
I have never failed at Nano and I am not going to fail at Camp Nano. 
It is a mere 2,700 words a day.  That is cake when the freaking editor is on vacation.

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  1. Go Camper Go! (Like "Go Dog Go" only ya know, for you.)

    Perfect rules to live by. ;)