Tuesday, July 26, 2011

This is how it starts

Fresh slate, new beginnings, unlimited potential.

Wander the stores for a bit contemplating the story and  before you know it...

A few things get added here and there.
Then you discover that...

Fanny has a cat.  A yellow cat with black stripes. 
Cat seems to be a bit of a trouble maker. 
Well, he IS a cat.

Gotta love dollar stores. I can hear 'em cowered in the back, "What's she doing? She's just wandering picking up random objects.  Is she talking to herself? Should we call the police? No, no it's okay.  It looks like she's leaving."  ahaha  Such a fun process and the most interesting thing is how the same dollar store chain is totally different depending on the side of the valley you are on. 

These are some of the names I wrote down when I found Mrs. Bottonwacker.
Mrs. Belcher, Mr Feeblebunny, Newton Hooton, Orange Marmelade Lemon, (oh I like this one ;), Mrs Screech, Verbal Funderbuck, (can you not see this person?), Constant Agony, Heidi Yum Yum, J. Fido Spot, Serious Misconduct, Wambly Bald, and Mrs. Claudia Thunderstruck.

I was thinking there should be an old street preacher kind of person he could be either Mr. Feeblebunny or Verbal Funderbuck - depending on how his character presents himself to me.


  1. Yes, a cat! There's lots of good dog characters, but few people do cats well. Give us a good cat! :-)

  2. (This is me saying nothing about that cat.)

    I worked with a woman one time named Eleanor Belcher. She had been a WAC or a female Marine or something at the tale end of WW II, tall and very thin-to-the-point of bony. Just a thought, these are some fabulous names, and wow, I love how your board is already coming together.
    (who is still not mentioning the cat)

  3. Julie,
    When I saw the cat and thought, "And she had a cat..." I thought of you.

  4. Love the board. Love the names. Gonna be a great story.
    So there was a man named Harry Butz. Harry brought 2 ladies with him to church. The preacher was introducing visitors but he hadn't gotten around to meeting Harry's friends. So the preacher said - "Would the 2 ladies with Harry Butz please stand up?"