Monday, July 25, 2011

Done, done, done...

The official counter had me at 50,044  I think.  I stopped at 50,003 and I was DONE.  I am ready to put this freaking story in a drawer and bury it for a while.  Today while I'm enjoying the 'holiday' ahaha I'm gonna tear everything down and begin anew.

I will start preping for Nano I have had an idea for a fun novel that came about when looking for names.  On the list was a last name of Bottonwacker.  Instantly a portly woman from the 1800's complete with wooden spoon in hand was born.  Her name of course was Fanny.  Mrs. Fanny Bottomwacker. 

Not sure where it would go from there but it might be fun to explore. An orphanage maybe? Definitely a tongue in cheek kind of story.  All the names would be outrageous. There would have to be magic of course.

Mostly I just want to put Camp behind me.  I vow to never, ever, ever fall behind again.  When doing word wars and writing crazy amounts it is fun.  When coming from behind and just trying to see the finish line... not as much fun.  Lesson learned.


  1. WooHoooo! Way to go!

    Fanny Bottomwacker. *snort*

  2. The crowd goes wild. People are jumping up and down while they scream with joy. Rubbernecking drivers are crashing into telephone poles. Dogs are kissing cats. It's total chaos as everyone cheers for you!

  3. Thank you... Thank you very much.

  4. Lol, Doug. Ohmygawd Judie, no wonder you married that man!

    Yay for the Camp win, and yes, I believe there will need to be magic in that story of Fanny Bottomwacker (or perhaps just spanking, wink wink).
    p.s. Now that just made me think of Diana Gabaldon's Sir John stories... hmmm

  5. Spanking - ahahaha could be good!!! ;)

    Sir John stories - I read her Outlander serries and enjoyed that. I'll have to check into this Sir John.

  6. Dogs are kissing cats lol.

    Great job!! Woo!! Love your badge. Maybe a good thing you had a distraction during a difficult emotional time, at least. :-(

    I must admit, I love being behind in Nano. Then I write the way I did when I was 14 years old and writing for fun and not for publication. :-D No editor!!