Monday, May 28, 2012

2nd Anniversary

We went up to Snowbird for our anniversary.  It was very nice.

Doug is a photog and so the pictures turn out awesome.  This is the inside of the hotel.

 This is the outside of the hotel.  Even IF I could have fit in my swim suit I would not have been as brave as some of the people.  There is still freaking snow on the ground.  In fact it was snowing as we drove up yesterday, flaking really, but snow is snow.  Since I didn't have to drive in it I could enjoy the beauty of it.

 Here is my anniversary present to him.  "Fine.  We can have our picture taken, but if I have more than seven chins NO ONE will ever see it."  Only one chin, so a deal is a deal, happy anniversary love.


  1. Look at the view out that window. Happy Anniversary you two.

  2. And a finer anniversary present I couldn't desire.

  3. I'm so glad you had a great anniversary! Beautiful photo of you two down there :)

  4. You look absolutely beautiful Judie and what a perfect couple you make. Happy Anniversary.

    1. Awe thanks - we are a cute couple. He's goofy and I rather like goofy ;)

  5. Oh look at you guys so cute!! I'm always so happy that you've found someone lovely to share your life with. Happy anniversary!

  6. I am belated, but Happy Happy to you both!

    (And I think your day might be the same as Barb N's with her beloved.)