Saturday, May 19, 2012

It pays to be a wha baby!!

I am glad that I complained.  In Chocolate Boot Camp, the goal is to write words that move your story along.  I took it to mean that literally.  If I wrote a scene and then thought, that would never happen that way, I would cut the scene and start again.  That's why I was being a wha baby the other day.  I lost 1,000 words to a stupid scene.

Well I come to find out that all words count and the slashing is for the editing phase.
YaY!!  However, I might get demerits for whining because in Chocolate Boot Camp there is:

No whining and no excuses for low word counts in boot camp.

So I'll do my push ups, (girly style) and take my punishment if I must. But I'm glad I whined.

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  1. Next we should have a boot camp for how many words we slash in revision! lol