Friday, May 4, 2012

I'm sad.  Stupid really, but what cha gonna do.

It has been a rough week.  The news of my brother, like duh.  But also a co-worker who is very dear to me.  She calls me sMom and I call her sDaughter.  She went out a riding on a razor, a 4 wheel thing a ma bob and flipped that bad boy.  

She and the gal she was with survived.  That's a good thing, but they are not without their bumps and burises.  It just seems like it has been one thing after another this week. 

I'll suck it up but I think my word count for today will be zero.  I'm sad and think I'll go read a book aka kindle ; )


  1. You have had a rough week. I prescribe a bubble bath, chocolate, maybe wine if you're into that, a roaring fire and a good nights sleep.

  2. That's a lot of sad in one week. Follow Delores' prescription. She sounds wise.

  3. This counts as a sad week. Treat yourself well please. Chocolate. Love. Whatever you need to help yourself through.

  4. Hug that guy who shares the bed(room) with you. I KNOW how much that helps after a shitty week like this.

    But, chocolate and booze don't hurt either.

    Big love.

  5. Thanks all -- a good cry and a good man that's the ticket!! I've foresworn chocolate for this month. Okay, I had a nibble of a chocolate chip... damn I ate two truth to tell. I gotta stay hungry for when I win Chocolate Boot Camp. ; )

    The worst part about crying is the next day my face is all swollen and I already have a moon face. That ginormous moon we'll see tonight? Well, it just might be me.

  6. A little moon face never hurt anyone. I'm SO glad your sdaughter and her pal are alive, though.