Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Awe... I am loved. Gotta love it!

What woman does not love getting flowers?
What woman does not love getting flowers you can eat?
What if they are even healthy for you?

The trifecta of, "oh my gawd I am loved."

Jess and Stavo sent me these today with a note:  Remember to smile = )

Trust me I was beaming.

One of the office workers asked who they were from.
"My kids," I proclaim happily.

You should say, "From a secret admirer." 

I didn't burst his bubble.  But I'd much rather have something from a loved one, so I just smiled and let him draw his own conclusions.

No soccer game tonight.  I was just leaving when Adam called to say it was canceled.  Boo, Hiss.


  1. That looks like one tasty bouquet. And pretty, too. What sweet kids you have.

  2. Gotta love flowers you can eat.

  3. They are so wonderful. Made mom smile big time.

  4. You ARE loved. You must have done some good mothering back in the day! (Well, and now.)