Friday, October 22, 2010

Fairy Friday

Where does one begin to write about fairies? I decided to get scientific with the process. I used the open encyclopedia, close eyes, flip through the pages and point method. Imagine my surprise when I was pointing to King of the Cats. That's a fairy?  Who knew.Well, I guess I do now.

King of the Cats
According to The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Fairies by Anna Franklin  King of the Cats is often referred to in Celtic folklore.  He dwells as an ordinary cat by day and travels the country at night as a royal fairy cat to avenge any slights given to him during the day.

Poking around on the internet and looking through my other fairy books, I'm not seeing King of the Cats as being sited anywhere. It is an interesting thought though, better be nice to all the little kitties 'cause you don't know which one might come back and kick your ass!!

And why does he only avenge slights. What about the nice lady that takes in the strays and feeds them, gives them attention and a home. Why can't the fairy by night cat be nice to them, do nice things for them. I guess in writing an avenging cat is more intriguing.

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