Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Magical, Magical

My little corner of the universe if filled with all kinds of magical items.

I have two fairies who will NOT talk to one another.  Does not matter how often I turn them, they will find a way to put their backs to each other.
My bitchy fairies.  They refuse to acknowledge the others existence.

I have stone heads from Easter Island, that do much the same.  For a while one of them kept trying to commit suicide and would jump to his doom.  I always found him and eventually he gave up and stays put.  Well stays mostly put, they move and are social or not social...guess we all have those days.

I have migrating lady bugs.  Really!  They seem to have settled down now, but I had six lady bugs that all started in one place and over time they moved to where they wanted to be.  I was going to be clever and put them together in pairs, but they wanted none of that.  Hey, who am I to impose my will on my magical, magical.

It is fun to let it do its thing.

You can see the lady bugs in each container. The wishing well is for my fortune cookie slips. The good ones ;)
In Discovery Class we are making collages and one suggestion was to make a magical shelf.  I was all over that, but it has done nothing but fight me. Jaker is going to help me put it up today and I need to BACK AWAY from the magic and let it happen.  I spent one day perusing stores, Dollar Days, Honks, Big Lots, Michaels and just bought items that spoke to me.  Once I have the shelf, I'm just going to spend the afternoon and allow the magic to happen.  I don't need to be so freaking in charge of this thing.  Lani said it's like trying to get a cat out from under a bed, ain't gonna happen 'til the cat is good and ready. By ignoring the cat, you get what you want and the cat keeps his pride.  This is not the way she said it exactly, but...

So I'm going to ignore the cat and see what happens.

I will let you know.

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