Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I slept in...

Hangs head in shame. I have a GET UP NOW alarm set and I almost slept in until that time, so I'm two hours short of where I'd hoped to be.  Oh well, you can only do what you can do.

What a crazy week it has been. Between The Muse On-Line Writers Conference and starting a new job my head is full to bursting.

I am back in the title industry, yeah!! And on my first day they are telling me that I HAVE to take a half-hour lunch.  HAVE TO. Only in Escrow would your boss tell you that you WILL take your lunch, damn it!!  Only in Escrow will assistants stay at there desks frantically working up a closing while the fire alarm is shrieking in distress.  Ah Escrow...glad to be back!

I will be very brief today. I was in changing the layout. One of my classes is specifically on blogging and she says that left side bar is better than right.  So I switched that up.  Not entirely, I still like who I am standing out so I put me on the right.  I will probably change that too in time, I'm just trying it on to see how it feels.

She also said that white writing on black was BAD.  I really like it with the green background.  I may or may not keep it.  I'll ask young eyes and old eyes to see what the consensus is and go from there.  I used a half hour trying to remember how to change the freaking width so everything would lay right.  Argh!!

Okay, back to class.
I am major busy, but I am happy.
= )

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