Saturday, October 23, 2010

Nano is coming

*hangs head and sobs, But I'm not ready.*

I just finished a Discovery Class and I have  a magical shelf, a 3D collage of my characters, another of my settings, but Nano is looming and I have NOTHING.

I wanted to give the Discovery Class its full due.  What good taking a class if I continue to do what I've always done.  I feel the story all around me, but don't have my usual trappings and I'm feeling vulnerable. Part of the discovery class was writing our back story to get it out of our system.  The last assignment was to write our opening scene, which the Nano-ers couldn't do. But we can be thinking about it at least.  I am frozen.  I think I have a good starting point but then it feels like back story.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that when the starting bell chimes at midnight, November 1, my brain take this swirling mass of 'visual' and words will come shooting out my finger tips.

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