Saturday, October 16, 2010

My brain has gone bye-bye.

It has been a crazy week between starting a new job and trying to keep up with the conference. My brain is going Wha happ'n??? I was convinced at one point my brain would just squirt out my ears. Combine that with sleep deprivation and it makes for some pretty goofy times. If it was November I'd call 'em living Nanoisms.

I was driving home from work and didn't realize that my brain was on auto-pilot until I tried to clutch, could NOT find the clutch and panicked.
Um, Jude? Don't you drive an automatic??
Indeed I do.

I was walking Chester and some stupid cat jumped out of the tree right in front of us. To Chester it was manna from the gods, to me it was annoying. Cats should know better, damn it.  So in the wee hours of the morning I yell at the cat, "Who is your mama?" I suppose I thought I was going to go have a talk with her about proper cat in tree behavior.

It is a good thing it is the weekend I need some serious veg time.


  1. What's even funnier is you haven't owned a manuel car since 2006. Lol.