Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nano, Snow and Not the Moon

Nano is only days away and I have no plot.  I keep telling myself that it will gel if I stop stressing about it.  When I finally complained about my opening scene things finally fell together.  So I'm whining about my plot to see if we can get something going.

Speaking of whining:

Have I mentioned that I hate snow!!
Man, I thought Monday's snow storm was an UGH! Yesterday's had me in full blown panic attack.  I reminded myself that I live in a pocket that loves to get snowed on and turned on the news to see the weather cams. Things looked drivable and I calmed down.  Whew.  I am a snow woozie, it's true.

That was the beginning of the most interesting day. I won't elaborate, but suffice it to say that the full moon has passed so we can't blame it on that.  I guess some people are just ass hats.  Just say'n.

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