Wednesday, October 6, 2010

In Morgan's Defense

In Discovery Class we are doing back story writing.  The things an author needs to know but the readers don't.

I started with Morgan, I really do need to name my characters and not use the place holder names.  I began with him because I had an epiphany while putting my second board together. He is the father of my MC. As part of my 'homework' I decide to write a scene when he sees her for the first time and realizes that she is his daughter.

While writing the scene I came to the realization that Morgan was a selfish bastard that got The Maiden pregers and left her to pursue his higher calling. I was outraged.  In the scene he sees his daughter as a means to an end. He's been in the Gods disfavor since he deflowered The Maiden (like duh, dude).  When he sees his daughter he realizes that a Maiden has been restored to the world.  He starts plotting ways to use his daughter to get back in the Gods good graces.  Made me realize why his card is The Broken Gate.

On  my way across the valley for a visit with the G-kids I was so angry. THAT'S not what I had planned for him, how dare he take advantage of The Maiden and just leave? How did he know he had a daughter? Did he see it in the cards or scrying bowl?  None of that matters, he KNEW he had a daughter and had done nothing to acknowledge her or even help her mother through the trying times.  I was not happy.

Last night I had the oddest dream.  I was about to give birth.  Morgan came and lovingly guided me from the birthing bed to safety.  Seems the bad people were looking for me and there would be no mother or daughter had Morgan not done what he did.  He still LEFT them to their own devises, but he's not totally heartless.

So, I am sorry Morgan, you are only a semi-heartless bastard.  Maybe you really did love The Maiden, in your own twisted way.  I'm still having issues with you using your daughter to get back in good favor with the Gods.

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