Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Magical Shelf

Really more of a magical wall.  There are a few things that I need to finish, change.

I do NOT like the title, I need to fix that.  I want to print out and maybe laminate the 'cards' that represent the main players and I can put those on the shelf.  But I am calling it done for now as I have other things to do in my life... things that have been ignored because I was nuts about this crazy shelf.

When I was out trying to get vibes from items for the shelf I really wondered why some of the items called to me. However, as I was putting it together things became more clear.  The pictures were chosen early on when I was making my cards, choosing my players.  When I came home with a dream catcher, I thought I was on crack, but there is a definite 'wheel' theme going on.  The wooden flowers by the fence...again, I was thinking crack, but one of the pictures that I'd chosen early on was a quilted version of a similar flower.

On the left side of the shelf, by the framed picture is a star that followed me home. There was this lone star at the store, it had obviously fallen out of a bag of a bunch of them, but I'd be damned if I could find the bag of stars and the other bags of rocks and sea shells did not sing to me and so I gave up. When I cleaned out my pockets there was the star.  I probably owe Dollar Days a nickel,  but if it FOLLOWS you home, is it REALLY theft??

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