Sunday, October 10, 2010

OMG I didn't catch her name, but she was WEIRD!!

World's Strangest Hair Cut 
Didn't your mama never teach you: "If you don't have nothing nice to say, keep yer yap shut!"

I'd say that this goes double if you are working in the public eye.  The snotty comments and superior attitude should be reserved for the lunch room at least.

After a brief word battle between two stylists I was slack jawed shocked. When I saw the look that one of the co-worker's shot the snotty hair stylist, I thought please don't let that be my stylist, please o please o please.

I got the snotty one.  First off she says, "Oh, I love your hair."
"Um, thanks," I reply wondering if I really need a hair cut.  I was going to wait, but after seeing how wild and woolly it got on the hike...

Then she goes on and on about the silver in my hair.  I'm thinking that this could be a sensitive subject...but maybe not, if it bothered me I guess I would color it. They don't color hair so it wasn't a ploy to get more business. But after the way she treated the co-worker I was not 100% convinced of her sincerity.

The whole time she is chopping my hair she is whisper-talking the words to every song. Either belt it out or hum, but this whisper-talking is creepy. AND she didn't get the words right, now that was kind of funny.  I didn't correct her as she was holding a pair of scissors at the time, but...

Did I mention she dances too?  Yep, I got a whisper-talking, shoulder bobbing, hip swaying, scissor wielding hair stylist.

The co-worker got even, and it was AWESOME!!  I was out of the chair, thank you Jebus, and heading up to pay when the co-worker said, "Oh could you check them in please?"  The lobby had filled up while I was getting my hair cut.  I didn't look back, but you could almost feel the heat of the stylist as she seethed over the fact that her EXTRAORDINARY skills were being wasted checking people in.  I bet they did it just to stop her creepy whisper-talking.  Can't do that at the front desk, you have to get them stuck in a chair with a pair of scissors whirling about their head first so they can't run away. ;)

How's the cut?
One of the first thing I mentioned was that I wanted wash and wear hair, and that my bangs were too long.  The last thing she did was cut my bangs and while they were wet they seemed as if they might be short enough.  But I washed my hair today just to see what it would do.  My bangs are too long and I still don't have wash and wear hair.

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