Friday, September 9, 2011

Cat 1 Chester 0

If you're keeping score.

Out on our walk today we heard the oddest sound.  It was a mixture of siren, dog wail, screeching metal being twisted into contortions and wookie?

Chester and I stood facing the west with our heads cocked to the side pondering what in creation could make such a noise.  After it finally stopped Chester put his nose in the air, nostrils flaring for further information.  Nothing.

Giving up he turned to get back to business and some damn cat was sneaking up on us.  Chester JUMPED. All four paws off the ground, I kid you not.  He then tried to look dignified as if he meant to do that, but I know better.  Laughing, I announced "Cat 1  Chester 0".  It was two thirty in the morning, wonder what subliminal message I put into neighbors heads as they were dreaming.

No clue as to what the sound was or why the cat was sneaking up on us.  A dare from the other kitties? Perhaps it was mesmerized by the sound.  Maybe it was the need for the comfort of anothers presence because it sounded like the jaws of hell were trying to open.


  1. It was being a cat, thus, it was out to get you both. Glad you survived.
    And lol, oh man do I love the thought of you planting subliminal messages into the heads of your sleeping neighbors!

  2. I bet you inspired some weird dreams.