Thursday, September 22, 2011

Winter's Coming, Autumn Awe and The Reluctant Desk

I always heard that you knew fall was REALLY here when the Praying Mantis' turned brown.  Well, this little fella was sitting on my car when I got out of work yesterday.  
FREAK!! Winter's coming!!
I googled it and it seems that they molt frequently and are this ghostly color while waiting for the new coat to arrive.  So perhaps it is just waiting for the brown autumn coloring or maybe Halloween. 

Speaking of Autumn... here's an Autumn Awe...  Cute little critter with one lop ear.

On Delia's Blog, she posted a photo of her desk and I thought that it would be a fun idea. 

This is my desk at work.  No that's not my notebook in the corner... no really, don't know how that got there at all... I would never, ever, ever work on something besides work at work.  ahahaha 

My boss is obsessive compulsive and can't handle clutter of any sort and so the desk is pretty bleak.  I should take a picture of his desk.  It is COVERED.  But it is covered in tidy little stacks that don't send him into a whirl wind of 'straighten it up'. 

I have got to be the bane of his existence.  I like things on the corner.  Diagonal works for me.  Things that are straight grate on my nerves.  I want chairs angled.  I want computer screens angled.  I want furniture angled.  In the beginning I'd angle things to make it pleasing to me and he'd go behind me setting things straight.  The pictures on the wall are forever giving him fits.  Even if they were straight with the concave, curves and what not, they won't ever LOOK  straight.  It is awesome.

And here is my writing desk.  It is a reluctant little fella that DID NOT want its picture taken.  Didn't matter the light, the time of day or night all the photos came out looking like this.  There was ONE photo that actually came out right, but it was blurry.  Don't know what its problem is... I dusted it.


  1. I love this trend of desk photos! Wow, that is one tidy damn office at your work, kinda sparse too. Lol, love that you can mess with the boss.

    Hi Autumn!!! ::wave wave::
    Oh, your home work area not wanting to be photographed is very odd feeling...not heavy, but sort of deep and philosophical right now (if that makes sense at all).

  2. Autumn waves back. Well, she flapped her ears. I think that counts ;)

    The desk think totally makes sense. Kind of felt that way to me too.

  3. I have a confession to make. The diagonals would drive me nutso too. I like straight lines. Actually, scratch that, it's symmetry I like. I hate when things are off balance. It's like a brain itch and the only way to scratch it is to "fix" the offending objects. However, your desk is really cute, even with its crookedness and insistence on mood lighting.

    Hi Autumn!

  4. Autumn {{Squees}} with delight at the attention.

    The whole symmetry brain thing - I never thought of it like that before. Never anylized it at all in fact, but now that I am it makes sense. I'm a little off kilter so my need for non-confining, angled space that creates cubby and hidy holes actually makes a lot of sense.

    My co-worker is a straight kind of person too. When I have to work in her office I shudder.

  5. I went to check out Delia's (love seeing writing places!)

    This site has writer photos "where I write" :

    So Nanowrimo was inspired and asked for people's pics. I sent mine in, but I don't see it now. Here's one from 2009 that I posted.