Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Winter's Coming

Perhaps I was a Stark/Snow in another life. 
But it was my saying long before I ever read Game of Thrones, and Ned Stark's dire prediction and Family Motto of "Winter's Coming."

I have two seasons:  Winter and Winter's Coming.   Not that I don't enjoy spring, summer and fall but...

On the Summer Solstice I proclaim: "It's all down hill from here."  

Walking Chester this weekend Orion stood proudly in the sky.
"Oh gods and demons... Fall is really here if he's up there," I groan.
Winter's coming and not a thing to be done for it.


  1. Hi Judie, thanks for the comment on my story.

    Winter's not coming for us here in Australia. It's a horribly hot summer instead. hehe

  2. I ordered take out food to eat in the park. I forgot it gets dark sooo early now. Meep.

  3. Gah.... I'm with you. I don't LOVE summer (although this one has been mild and quite lovely), but I really truly seriously don't look forward to fall or winter. We have rain like you guys have snow.

  4. I fall upon the thorns of life, I bleed. Luckily my new job can be partly done at home so far. And even if there was a meeting, if a snowstorm blew in, we'd just cancel or conference by computer. Versus when I used to work in retail where it was Open No Matter What. Or school, which pretty much Opened No Matter What.

    So you know what? I am not going to complain this time. :-) Be good Mabel.