Friday, September 16, 2011

It was bound to happen.

My little girl is a woman.
Behold her first purse.

My baby done growed up.
Gone are the days of bulging pockets.
She decided that a purse might not be a bad thing. 
Just wait until she figures out just how much stuff you can lose in one of these things.

Update on my socialization experiment or
How to teach a cat to act  human and a human to stop behaving like a hissing cat.

I am pleased to announce that I am making strides in the socialization process of both my kitty's.  The homeless porch kitty and the one of the human persuasion.  
Cybil roller coasters but it beats the flat line that used to be her life, and my hell. 
I call this progress.

You still have to keep an eye on Fluffy to make sure he doesn't eat every one's food.  You can see that he is really trying to not be greedy about the whole thing. He bolts his food and then he waits his muscles quivering ready to pounce at the first sign one of the others might leave their bowl, but he waits... mostly.

He also lets me pet him now on a regular basis.  The other day he let me pet him for a very long time.  He'd have brief moments where he'd suddenly realize what was happening and for some reason he seems to think he shouldn't be petted. But then he'd do this 'what the hell' shrug and come running back for more loves. 

Of the two I'd say that Fluffy is progressing the best.  But the fact that they are both progressing gives me hope.  I guess they both just needed a little love.

A very satisfied Tiger.



  1. Ohhh great photos!! I love hearing about your porch kitties.

    Off topic: Have you ever indulged in a Nanowrimo tshirt? They're having a sale. And you've done so many Nanos, I hope you have a shirt (aka trophy)! ;-)

  2. I have a hoodie.

    I saw the Lucky 13 sale, but don't wear many T-shirts. Still a bit fat for that, but I"m working on it. ;)