Friday, September 30, 2011

You go Grandma!!

There is a lot of road construction going on in Utah, lots and lots of construction.  My ramp to get on the freeway is one such spot. Now I didn't think that the cones were particularly confusing as to what was lane and what wasn't, but perhaps I was wrong.

Enter Grandma, imagine if you will the old lady from the Titanic movie. 
Wait a minute you don't have to imagine... I have google images...

Okay, imagine if you will a grandma with  a few more wrinkles and a jaunty straw hat perched atop her snow white hair, out for an early morning spin, or off to see the great grand kids, or coffee with the girls.  Running late she decides to take the freeway.   Slight problem, there is only one lane that leads to the freeway and she wasn't in it.  She had invented her own lane. The signs that specified SEVER DROP OFF had not deterred her.  She was getting on the freeway and that was that. 

Luckily there was a red light that the leader of the pack felt compelled to stop for, who knows why, it is okay to turn right on a red in Utah, but he stopped.  I'm waiving frantically at Grandma who seems oblivious to the potential danger just ahead of her.

"Grandma you're in a Ford Focus, it ain't no jeep.  Grandma look at me!!"
Well I'll be damned if Grandma hadn't figured it out all by her little lonesome, didn't need no mostly gray haired youngster telling her what to do.  The light turned green.  Grandma floored it, cranked the wheel, zipped in front of the leader of the pack narrowly missing his front bumper and bolted for the freeway.

Shock and awe.  I have no other words to describe it.

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