Monday, September 26, 2011

Only thing better than Autumn...

is Autumn and Pumpkin Pie.

It is a tale of two pigs. 
First separated from their mother and then from each other. 
Oh the sadness and heartache.

Squee, Squee, Squee
Translation:  My sister, what have you done with her?

The kids hearing the plight of their pig went back to the pet shop,
 and behold, the sister was still there.
There was much rejoicing and cavorting* about in their new little home.

Welcome to the family Pumpkin Pie.

*cavortingpresent participle of cav·ort (Verb)
 1. Jump or dance around excitedly:
"monkeys leap and cavort in the branches".
Not the other kind of cavorting, they are after all sisters.  Just say'n. I used the word and I thought. Then I pondered. Then I looked it up and was pleased to see that my definition of the word was number 1.  The other was on its heels, but at least mine was first up.  ahahaha