Sunday, September 11, 2011

Busy Weekend

My busy weekend started on Friday night.  I am not a very social person and having to do social things can be very hard for me.

The three things that we had to do this weekend.

1. Doug had a meeting.  He's manning a booth at a street faire next weekend. 
We showed up and the meeting had been canceled.
I happily knocked that off my too do list.

2. Kenny Loggins was playing at the Sandy Amphitheatre and my son got Doug and I tickets.  It is a wonderful little spot that I've been to for plays.  Doug's daughter Patty played in the orchestra for a lot of these events.  So I was geared up for dealing with people, but I was NOT ready for the masses that descended.  We, by the gods own luck, found a parking place and as we're heading in I start to panic.  Too many people, wasn't ready, wasn't ready.  When the two women in front of us found out the concert was sold out I really wanted to just offer them our tickets and get the hell out of Dodge.    We got closer and closer to the gate of no return I was about ready to tell Doug to give 'em our tickets when they managed to score some.  Now I couldn't even flee the scene under the guise of being nice. 

All too soon the hand stamp and ticket gathering was over and we were inside.  Once in it wasn't too bad.  We had lawn seating and found a spot to spread our blanket. The concert was enjoyable and we booked out at just the perfect moment.  We were on the road as the last notes fell over the amphitheatre.  No crush of bodies, no stressing over millions of cars all jockeying for the same spot, just happily driving away.  I knocked over the second obstacle for the weekend.

I took this off the inter web.  There was not this much space twixt the bodies.
But it was about the same spot we were sitting.

The third and final thing, High School Reunion.
Doug had never been to one and wanted to go.  I caved and said I'd go.
It was everything I expected. 

I was glad when the evening came to an end.  I was exhausted.  I do a pretty good job of smiling and bluffing my way through these things.  I am pleased to announce that I didn't spill on myself.  I choose clothing specifically with that in mind because I am NOTORIOUS for such antics.

There really were only a few people that I would have liked to see.  One of them opted out and her reasoning was much the same as mine for why one should not attend these functions.  The other was there.  She's a wonderful woman, has been her entire life.  When last we met, fifteen years ago, she was a pastry chef in New York. Ten years ago she was also teaching culinary classes and the window of the kitchen looked out on the towers.  "Once the initial shock wore off," she said, "We realized we needed to do something.  Here we were with a kitchen full of food and people in need."  They cooked and took food down to the firemen and rescue workers.  She was able to get home that night, but in the morning she realized she couldn't just sit there.  She got up, went to work and did it all again. 

It was an awesome story and I'm glad that Doug asked her what it was like living in New York ten years ago.  She's a great woman.


  1. Holy crap Judie, that up-close-and-personal story gave me all kinds of chills!

    Way to get through the weekend unscathed.

    p.s. Park City is where Daniel was born, and lived until he was 9.

  2. Park City is a very beautifule place. I love its main street.

  3. That high school reunion would have been interesting... hehe.

    Love that picture of the concert! Looks like an amazing venue.