Friday, August 24, 2012

This is a rant

What a rant is exactly, I do not know.  I just know I am having one.

The kids moved out and with it cable.  I have a few programs I recorded that I wanted to see Frozen Planet was one.

They are tracking the polar bear to.... do the thing they do.

They subduded this polar bear with a dart.  Did their thing with it and then  let it loose.
Is this not date rape???? or something similar?

The dude sat and petted the polar bear. 
The polar bear wanted your stink all over it because you are on TV?  Really?


I have angst. 

This is funny because Adam read the whole Hungar Game Series becaused I said something about the f'n cat in the movie being totally wrong.  Jake laughed at hin and said, "mom, animals"  Hello?


  1. Yeah it makes me uncomfortable when they do those things for no good reason. It's not entertaining to me.

    1. I love animals. I just don't think they should be trophy's. if that makes sense.

  2. I agree. Rant away, you're in the right.

    Also, from the last post. Yay you for speaking up/listening to the wise inner voice. Funny, that's part of my blog topic today. (I love when this happens.) :)

    1. ahahaha I saw that... after. You are the best near sister ever. Thank you.

  3. Good point and well done on the rant.

    Spending the day catching up! Cheers!

  4. My husband once watched a show on how they make nature shows, and said it made him never want to watch one again. The things they do to get great shots etc.