Saturday, August 25, 2012

My bad, bad boy

DH's school page

I got to help him in his 'production' on one of his extra credit clips.
You might have to go to Physics of Every Day Life.  Or perhaps scroll down?
Not sure whet I've done.  I'm working on it.  (I think it works now, but just in case...)

Such a bad boy pulling his card out slowly, when it clearly states 'quickly'.

He is such a good teacher.  I know that for him this is 'retirement'.  He earns his summers on the sea because he spends 18 hours a day educating his students.  If he's not in class, he grading.  If he's not grading he's coming up with things to grab their interest.  When he's not doing that he's an advisor for after school activities.  For nine months the man does not stop.  He is such a wonderful teacher.  I am glad that when he 'retired' from the work a day world he chose to enlighten the yung'uns.

Why yes, yes, I am quite proud.  Why do you ask?

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  1. So jealous--it's what I wanted to do! But haven't found a job. You are rightly proud.