Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Leave Taking

July 14 - I got to the SLC airport in plenty of time only to discover that the check in lines were not moving.  Eventually someone called "All going to Denver move to the front."  That only moved me one closer... but it did help me to get to my gate on time, just in time.  It started a theme for the trip.

Security was interesting.  "Only touch your own bins," the guard sternly commands.  Well, the dude in front of me left and his bin wasn't moving through... An impatient xray technician told me to 'PUSH IT THOUGH."  Well, okay, make up your mind.  I've seen the YouTube videos where people haven't complied and now you are giving me mixed signals.  Just say'n.

They got their revenge and I suddenly had to go through the naked body scan - there was a sign that said it was optional - it was no longer an option for me.  I had no time to argue so I let them disrobe me with their machine.

As I left the scanner the TSA agent wanted to see my wrist.  I complied, obvi - but WTF?

I had time at Denver to lay on its floor and wait (a common theme with me and Denver).  The plane was late in leaving, didn't make up time in the air and I thought that I'd missed my flight.  However, that plane was late too. "We won't start boarding until 5:30", an agent informed me. 

Awesome - I found a bathroom.  Came back only to hear my name on the loud speaker telling me if I intended to go to Marsh Harbour I'd better hustle my butt.  I have it on the best authority that I wasn't in the bathroom for 30 minutes.  But I hustled my bustle and made that flight.

DH was waiting for me at Marsh Harbour .  We had konk for dinner at Snappas.  Delish.  I was starved as I apparently slept through lunch.  It was a busy, crazy, frustrating day, but I made it.


  1. Sheesh...another good reason not to fly.

  2. The trip home was worse. But I will get to that later. ;)