Sunday, August 12, 2012

And a good time was had by all...

Except Mikey whose two and at two realized he 'had the power' and, well, did what two-year-old's do and ran the show. 

After I left the G-kids and two of the kids joined DH.
 I have photo's.  YaY!!!
Oh, I need to remember to tell DH to look for my camera cord.
DH side bin or second drawer in the Vberth. 
The moon and stars were awesome this morning and I didn't take a photo because, what's the point??? I need my cord!!!! 

 Okay - Lane's the tallest, excluding DH. Eve is in yellow and James looks none too happy, but he is the boy.
 Jumping off the back of the boat use to frighten me too.  Rumor has it the kids started jumping off the front of the boat.  I did the side once, but the front???
 Jamesie, finally happy- Mermaid beach.  Gotta love it.

Lane on the boat.  I love sailing and when the boat is heeled over. 

DH will be home soon.  Just needs to put the boat to bed for this year.


  1. So great that you can enjoy the experience of sailing AND share it with your gkids!

    1. DH really wanted them to have an experience like that. Sounds like they had a good time.

  2. That looks like fun! Hope your chord is found. Cheers!

    1. No - Camera cord. Dang it!! It has to be some where.