Monday, August 20, 2012

I cooked and...

I haven't died. Yet.

When I am being 'good' I am a low carb gal. It is what works for me. Trouble is that eating low carb can be a huge rut, and willingly throwing yourself into that rut can be difficult. So I am trying something different.

Generally I don't eat cooked vegetables when I am being 'good' as it increases their carb content. But lets throw caution to the wind and try something new, I say. At the end of the week if I've not lost anything maybe diving head first into that rut will seem appealing.

I made zucchini noodles with a marinara/turkey sauce. I bought a jar of marinara. It took a long time reading labels, but I found one with no sugar and just real ingredients (ie words that looked like they belonged in the English language) It was even on sale. ahahahaha 'score!!'

I browned ground turkey, added the marinara sauce and added a few ingredients from the cupboard... Italian looking stuff that the kids left behind. Then I let it simmer down.

For the noodles I took a zucchini (two actually) and used a peeler to make 'noodles'.
Hint: Don't try to go from a standing start. Lay that bad boy on its side and it works much better.

I then steamed my 'noodles' for 3 min. (roughly) Plated the noodles, and spooned the sauce 'mixture' over the top. It was very delicious. IMHO

I think the 'noodles' cool faster than regular noodles, but all in all, I would say it was a success. Might even try it out on DH. Providing of course I don't keel over in the night.

This zucchini as noodles is a wonderful invention.  In the future I think I'd let the noodles drain over the still steaming water to keep them hot and yet 'drain' them.  Will this work?  I dunno, I'm not a cook but it makes sense and is worth a try.

Utah saying:  "If you have to buy zucchini and you live in Utah - you don't have any friends."
Hey - I have friends, just not the kind that grow their own veggies and stuff.  **Sulks** - **Sniffs** and confesses to purchasing the zucchini. 


  1. Very inventive. Now, if only I actually liked zucchini.

  2. It actually took on the flavor of the sauce so it didn't seem like zucchini. Kind of like Cauliflower mashed potatoes, I haven't made those in a bazillion years.

  3. I was contemplating buying some zucchini at the grocery store tonight! I can't believe no one has given me any this year. We must only be each other's friends. ;)

    Also, my mailman brought me a smile in the box today. So you were on my mind for hours!

  4. Maybe it is a bad year for zucchini - I even had trouble finding it at the store.

  5. I've never tried that with z. But spaghetti squash is good.