Thursday, August 9, 2012

Boiled Onions and Pineapple

Bloger so hated me that no matter how many times I tired to make it work it denied me.

But Blogger, I persist.  Watch me make you want to comply...

Boiled onions and pineapple"

No, it's not a new recipee. It is a blog that London Mable posted and that Kate commented on, on her blog.

Pick a food that you don't like to let people know you are having a bad day.

At first I couldn't think of a food I didn't like - sad but true.

 But then I remembered I don't like chicken on the bone, most especially thighs and legs.

"How are you doing?"
"Chicken legs."
Poor clerk looks down at her new jeggins, sniffs sharply and shorts me $5.00 for offending her.

Stinky cat food. Some cat food would make the worlds best diet aid. One wiff of the stuff and you can't eat for hours.

Fried mush. I hate fried mush. When we didn't eat all the oatmeal in the morning my mom would fry it up for dinner. We thought we were being punished. It was YEARS before we realized that it was a treat for my mom.

It was noted that some of the foods would make for good cus words. Blogger hates me today and has glumped the whole thing together (at least when I posted originally.)


  1. Some days there aren't enough swear words for all the computer irritations!

    1. Without doubt. Even for those who understand such things. ;)

  2. I linked to this one too!!!

    Bananas and onions. For me.

    On the up-side, we might have a ten tons of honey day to cheer us up.

  3. Parnips and fried mush! More good swear words!