Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I went to the Bahamas and all I got was

this crab picture.

Seriously.  And I only have this because DH sent it to me from his camera.  I don't know what happened to the little cord that hooks the camera to the computer.  It was in the little 'cord' bag when I went to the Bahamas and now it is gone.  Have I mentioned my life is in upheaval right now??

Well this little fella lives off a small island called Crab Cay - appropriately so, there were crabs every where.

Sooo I guess that's about it for the Bahamas.  I have a notebook full of stuff, but without the photos there's not a lot of point.  Suffice it to say that it was wonderful, totally awesome.  I slathered with SPF 50, wore a hat and still came home with a tan.

Would you like to hear of my return airport adventure? 

We are at Marsh Harbour and the plane is late.  FINALLY it gets there and they herd us onto the tarmac.  Except it isn't our plane - small detail there.  So now we are out of what little air conditioning we had and are standing about in the very humid hotness.  I for one was not shy and found a place to at least sit down.   About an hour later the real plane arrives and we are off to Florida where my three hour layover has been reduced to 40 minutes. 

Now I'm a nervous Nelly, but at least this year I have my cell phone so my daughter won't be circling the SLC airport at 2:00 am, phoning all the brothers frantically because her mommy is missing.  I'm just taking it in stride.  I slept on an airport floor last year (Denver) - it will be okay.

There was a dad with his family that was totally stressing out - I noticed that he was going to Houston too.  Some officious looking dude kept telling him that 40 minutes was enough to clear customs.  "It goes fast," he assures Concerned Dad.  Yeah - to perhaps clear customs, but then there is the whole find the place to recheck your bag and THEN go through security again process.  It did not look good.

I thought I'd just follow Concerned Dad as airports confuse me but I make it to bag re-check first. "How do I get to the United terminal," I inquire.  "Go out the door, turn left, you'll see orange cones, wait for a bus, get off at the first stop."  

Sounds simple enough but we waited and waited. The bus supposedly runs every 15 minutes.  It felt like an hour.  The bus finally showed up and then we were off for a tour of the airport?  No kidding I felt like we were driving in circles.   Get to the correct terminal, I verify the gate and we are rushing towards security.  Was it because I looked anxious or because TSA can't get enough of my naked body?  Yep.  Optional naked body scan was not a option.  You will step in here and you will like it!!

I escape the machine, grab my purse, don't bother putting on my shoes and RUN for my gate.  They are getting ready to shut the door on us - "There is a family behind me," I gasp.  Fat ladies should not run!!  But we made it.  The connection from Houston to SLC was easy and life was good.


  1. Oh man, it sounds like you really had an adventure. Just so that you know, you handled it all well. I would have been throwing tantrums and acting like it was all the end of the world. Good Job!

  2. ahahah oh I've done that too upon occasion. ;))

  3. I really think I'd have thrown tantrums if I had to get naked.
    Love the crab.

    1. At least I didn't have to REALLY disrobe. I suppose that could have been an option too. Good thing I'm not planning of flying for another year. I might be on a list now for complaining.

  4. Let's continue to call it grief, even if it's now starting to look a wee bit like PTSD.

    You survived. And we got pictures of an adorable crab. Partial win. (Better than NO win, or a night on the airport floor.)

    1. Agreed!!

      The crab was really awesome. I've never seen color like that before in the pincers and the little floaty things behind it, what's up with that?

      Some of the crabs were totally white. It was a very cool place.

  5. For the love -- two rushed travel days! Sucks.