Saturday, October 1, 2011


This is the blog I was going to post.  The Muse Online Writer's Conference starts Monday and I will be slammed.  

Owl breathes an enormous sigh of relief now that he actually knows what they are talking about, and explains to Rabbit that what has happened is that Christopher Robin has gone out with Backson. Rabbit asks what a Backson looks like, and Owl begins to explain about the Spotted or Herbaceous Backson, but then he realises that he doesn’t really know anything at all about the Spotted or Herbaceous Backson, and admits as much to Rabbit, who says thank you, and goes off to find Pooh. (from The House at Pooh Corner by A.A. Milne, p. 78)

Then I saw Trisha's blog - which won't let me comment - she mentioned NaBloMo
I think I'm down for that.  A huge challenge one I know Julie does every day, so why not follow in her footsteps, if only for one month.

Sooo I've gone from I'm going to ignore you to I'm going to inundate you.  Story of my life.

Writing suggestion for today was "Why do you blog?"

For me it all began on my honeymoon.  My daughter suggested starting a blog as a way to stay connected and so I started Adventures in Life. It became a joint venture as my husband and I chronicled our life aboard Life for an entire summer.   I had such a fun time making random observations that when I came home I started my own blog.  Over the last year it has been a place for just that, random thought, rants, tender moments. Basically it has become the regurgitation of daily life as I see it.

I might get the Guinness Book for most links in one post.  ahahaha

Update on the whole must have house numbers displayed thing.
ahahah I found a bloody hand print at the store.  If the gaudy blue tape was not enough to get their attention, I'm thinking the hand print might do it.

You will note that the house across the street does NOT have house numbers either, nor is the facade finished.  Now THAT seems like an infraction to me, but what do I know.  *shrugs and prepares to pay the fine for her rebellious numbers and bloody print.*

I could change the sign to say, "Here's your bloody numbers!"  My son suggested removing all but one finger and the thumb, but I thought that might be too over the top.  I thought of removing the middle finger and requesting that they 'read between the lines', but that too was a bit over the top.  I'm thinking that as dense as they are, they are going to get it.


  1. love the bloody hand!
    new follower thanks to NaBloWriMo.

  2. That is one scary hand print! I adore Halloween decorations :)

  3. I saw the print and HAD to have it.
    Welcome aboard. I'll come take a peak at your blog.

  4. Not the time for me to do NaBloMo. Just started a new job. Maybe next year.

    I adore your rebellious streak. And so creative about it, too. Resourceful and innovative - that's you!

  5. I think the hand print is just right as it is. As though you slapped the sign up with your blood and sweat and tears. "here's... your... NUMBER!!"