Sunday, October 2, 2011

Autumn Colors

We headed up the canyon to view the fall foliage.  It was the perfect day, the weather was nice, the sun was out (mostly) and the wild life came out to play.  The ducks were out on the lake. Signs of industrious beavers were evident.  I tried to capture a picture of a little squirrel that kept running by us, but the photos came out a cross between an elusive Big Foot photo and a Where's Waldo.  There were lady bugs and big fat multicolored dragonflies.

However, the show stopper as far as critters go was the moose.

But he wasn't alone, he brought his lady friends out to enjoy the autumn day as well.

Oh and we looked at some fall colors too.

Silver Lake is an awesome place.  It is where we decided to tie the knot.


  1. How completely gorgeous! Isn't it the best when wildlife graces us with its presence? We don't get many moose on the mainland of Nova Scotia, but if we head to Cape Breton, we're sure to see some. I haven't been to your neck of the woods since I was twelve years old - but it looks divine!Jan Morrison

  2. Such gorgeous photos!I really do love this time of year, especially in the mountains.

    I have a soft spot in my heart for moose too. They wander into my home town every now and then and cause all sorts of havoc.

  3. Those are some actually gorgeous pictures. I always love it when I see moose.

    M.J. Fifield
    My Pet Blog

  4. Autumn is an awesome time of year.

    The moose were the icing on the cake. I remember following a moose through Yellowstone when I was about 8, so like 100 years ago. We were taking his photo and he posed and put up with us. It never crossed our wee minds to think of this gentle giant as a wild animal.

    Parents were different then, we ran free and they were not aghast with our run in with the moose and our little brownie camera.

  5. WOW! These are beautiful pictures. Living in the UK I have a hard time imagining a wild moose on the loose :)
    LAura x

  6. awesome pics! I have tried to take pictures of squirrels too, I know what you mean!

  7. It always surprises me when people talk about something which isn't in nature here being in their backyard, so to speak.
    We don't have moose here. Lots of deer.
    You do take gorgeous photos!

  8. I love those photos Judie! I'm jealous of the North American autumn - we don't have that kind of thing in my neck of the woods.

  9. My DH took the moose photo's. He's very tall and had the advantage of being over everyone's heads. I was getting pictures of elbows, backs of heads and other cameras.

    Autumn really is a nice time of year.