Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Grandma's China

*This blog goes under the catagory 'Stupid things you should never admit*
But hey, 31 blogs in 31 days?  Well, some stupid stuff is gonna get said.  Just say'n.

Bavarian China.  Fancy stuff I suppose. What do I know about fancy?  It sits unused in the cupboard even on Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving isn't about fancy, it is about family and eating too much. Watching stupid movies and telling bad jokes.  Did I mention eating too much?

When I was younger T-Day happened at my house. Every year my parents came across the valley to eat my bad cooking.  Maybe I was the only ones to invite them, I can't fathom eating my cooking if there were other offers on the table.  I didn't have matching dishes, who could afford that?  I went to Good Will and bought a plate here, a bowl there and ended up with an eclectic array of awesome dishes. 

Those days are behind me.  My dishes now match.  Hadn't really thought about it until all the silver cat bowls began disappearing.  I was looking around for something small that I could put cat food in for the porch kitties and I had a choice between three small bowls, remnants of the eclectic days, or my Grandma's china.

Suffice it to say Grandma is flopping about in her grave.
It's okay Grandma, nothing got broken.... I won't do it again.

The smaller bowl is Grandma's.  See, even in size it made sense.


  1. lol...I began using our wedding china years ago...and so far only 2 out of six dishes got broken....but that's okay. (I don't like it much anymore anyways, and more importantly, we are enjoying our gifts.)
    HOWEVER, my grandmother's china is safely in the hutch. I have used it 3 times in the almost 10 years that I have had it.

  2. I wanted my Grandmothers china so badly. I have it now and it sits in the cupboard taking up space and never being used.

  3. I say use it and enjoy it. Maybe you could plan a tea party just so you can use it.

  4. Oh my gosh. A tea party would be wonderful. My G-kids LOVE, LOVE, LOVE tea parties. Awesome idea Kitt.

    I wanted my great grandma's china. It wasn't fancy or anything but I really liked it. This china is nice too and now that I've found a use for it, might be fun.