Monday, October 10, 2011


What a week.  The Muse Online Writers Conference  was totally awesome this year.  It is good every year but this year was major wow. 

My favorite classes were taught by Karina Fabian.  She has such a fun sense of humor and took the time to give feed back, ask questions and encourage everyone in the class.  I took three classes from her, Developing a Unique Voice, Zombies and Monsters and Pixies - All Mine, and my favorite, Torturing Your Characters for Fun and Plot-Fit. Bwahhahaha.

Another class that I enjoyed was taught by Marne Ann Kirk.  It was Keeping Track of your World:  How to Create a Story Bible.  She had so many great ideas for how to put together not only a tangible Story Bible, but she showed us how to put together a word document so we can have one on our computer. Click on the heading and magical, magical you are transported to that page, even if it is page 115.  I'm computer challenged, but her handout walked me through and the few questions I had were answered, easy, peazy, lemon squeezy.  This is an awesome tool.

Those are the two teachers that stood out the most for me.  Though they are all great.  The time and energy they put into the conference is amazing. 

Some random things I learned this week.

Praying to the porcelain god does work.  No, no, not like that.  Right at the beginning of conference my toilet started to run s l o w  - #$##!! I have no time for plumbers.  I googled slow toilet and got a bizarre suggestion. One that was so bizarre I thought it might work.  Dish soap in the bowl, a pan/bucket of hot water.  One said boiling, one said hot as boiling could crack the porcelain.  I went with hot.  After soaping the bowl, pour the hot water from waist height.  Rinse, repeat.  Well that was what I did.  That and a whole lot of praying.  Every time I'd flush, 'please, please, please'.  Thank you Porcelain God!!

If you stuff your face with carbs in place of good snacks, @$$ grows.
If you eat dinner right before falling into bed at night, @$$ grows.
If you are too pressed for time to fix a proper lunch and eat out every day, @SS grows.
Next year I will put a little more thought into the food portion of the conference.

I also learned how wonderful it is to sleep.  Last night I woke up a little before 2:00 and thought, I gotta get up.  Then I realized I didn't.  I fell back to sleep and my body thinks I'm awesome. Though the sleep deprivation had its fun moments.  I said and did a few things at work that will make me giggle for years.

Learned a little bit about writing too.


  1. I'll have to keep that remedy in mind. One never knows when ones porcelain will give trouble.

  2. Envious - that's what I am right now. You learning all those things about writing.
    Big sigh.

  3. Oh Judie, you know how I am with toilet issues! Will totally be keeping this suggestion in mind (possibly even printing it).
    Really glad you had such a learning week. ;)

    And yes! I can comment again. (Fingers crossed.)

  4. Julie/Delores - It did seem like a strange remedy. The soap is heavier than water and does something to the clog? The hot water held from a height adds force and ?.

    I figured the worst that happened was I got a clean bowl and if if over flowed... just dish soap on the floor.

    Judy - I think registration is open next week for the conference in 2012. I'll keep an eye out and comment over on your blog when the registration goes up.

  5. Story Bible's are my saviour! Sounds like great stuff! There's and award for you at

  6. I'm guessing the soap also clings to / breaks down grease-based grime. I remember years ago a girl at work used dishwasher machine detergent to fix a clog.

    I've never heard the term "story Bible" -- I guess it's where you keep all the major events, dates etc in a book? Let me google her...

    Ah yes. I write up such info, but never thought of creating a clickable document. Great idea!