Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wardrobe Malfunction

We were planning what to wear for Halloween and we came up with cats because my boss has issues with a certain word that cats are sometimes called.   We thought if we all dressed up as pussy cats it would be hilarious.  I'll let you know next week if I still have a job.

At lunch Nan went out to find us ears and we were playing around with them. 

Tell me what's wrong with the picture below?  The girls said they could tell something was off but couldn't figure out what it was until we were looking at the pictures.

I has a sinus condition - it's rude to laugh. ;)


  1. Pussy cat dolls..cute...Hope your boss has a sense of humour.

  2. My daughter looked at the blog and said, "Nan looks like sexy kitty - me-ow. You look like, Chocolate? There's chocolate? Kitty - give me, give me, gotta have!"

    For the record, I will scratch you if you get 'twixt me and my chocolate. Just say'n.

  3. Hehehe! Too funny. I think you should go ahead and leave the nose that way. See how many people notice.

  4. ahahaha I just might. I was going to use make-up, but the ball-nose thing is pretty good.