Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Thanks, I needed that!

Got home from walking the dog and could not find the coffee filters.
Gone.  They were GONE.
Who hides coffee filters????
I searched and searched and searched.  I pulled a chair over to get a better look inside the cupboard. GONE!! Where could they be?  You can't use a paper towel.  Trust me, I tried that and it ended horribly.

I gave up, put the chair back and that's when I noticed they were sitting by the coffee pot. Well THAT'S not where they belong.  Just say'n.
After my caffeine deprived brain received some of the delicious brown liquid I realized I do have a french press.  No filter required.  >_<

Went to make my protein shake.  Shaker isn't in cupboard where it belongs.  Oh yeah, dishwasher.  Nope.  Someone cleaned out the dishwasher. 
(More cupboard banging inserted here)
Found it on the counter top breeze way.
That's not where it belongs either.

Morning was going to hell in a hand basket.  Got on the computer and it decided that it did not want to play. No amount of pleading would get the dang thing to play well with others. 

Now, I'm thinking this is the third thing.  Should it not stop here?

Got to work early so I could at least check my blog and this is what I found.

Laura over at Daily Dodo had given me and four other bloggers an award. 
Thank you!! That was so very nice.

It gets even better, I read her blog yesterday and skipped right over my name on the award list.  That's when I decided that perhaps I do need to follow myself.  I might get lost with out me.

The five people I pass the award to are:

Trisha at Word + Stuff
Delia Moran at well, Delia Moran
Judy at Novel Truths

They are all great blogs and I have enjoyed very much.


  1. Congratulations and I sincerely hope nothing else goes missing...

  2. Yay - you're welcome and congrats :) I know that feeling - my car keys have gone awol... I reckon the sofa's eaten them. Ho Hum.

  3. that is the best way to change how your day is going.:)
    I lose things all the time. actually, hubby loses things all the time, and I can not find them....but yes, I do lose things sometimes. like me cell phone. I have called it so many times hoping to hear the ring....very hard to hear when it's in the the carport....

  4. I hate days like that ! and yes you can use paper towels as long as you don't mind the coffee spilling out of the maker and onto my counter and behind the counter. never seems to bother my husband anyway

  5. I've never won an award! Thank you so much. (What do we do with them now?)

    Sorry for the crap start, hope the rest of your day went better.

  6. Julie,
    If there were instructions - I missed 'em. I seem to be having that kind of week. ;)

    I just passed it on to five people.

    Yesterday my daughter lost her keys too. The gremlin's were very active in our house. She recently started carying a purse and I asked if she'd dumped it out. She said, I went through it. I said turn it over and dump it out. She did. Magical, magical, keys emerged from the depths of the purse.

  7. How funny. I missed this and then I came looking for Julie's award and my name's on there, too.
    Thanks Judie from Judy!