Saturday, October 15, 2011

Don't ask

I have a saying, If you don't want to know the answer -- Don't ask. The gods have an uncanny way of answering questions that should be left alone.  For example, driving by an auto accident and the cars are in crazy locations.  I think, "Well how....nope, do not want to know."  I then wash it out of the air with a circular motion of my hand.

Yes, I am silly and superstitious.

This morning while Chester and I were walking, from out of the dark a cat tears across the grass and into the bog. Chester is all excited that there is a game a foot and I said, "No, we're not chasing cats today.  What I want to know is what was chasing the cat." Realized what I'd said and immediately said, "No I don't." Washing motion followed.

It's a silly habit I know, but it does have its amusing times too.

Sitting with my son in a coffee shop he said something that was just tempting fate and I immediately started washing it out of the air.  A lady standing in line waved back.


  1. That's funny. But I like the idea of washing it out of the air...

  2. Here via Laura's recommendation in Pay It Forward. And I'm a new follower. This is the first I've seen of a new NaNo badge. Like it. Guess I need to add one to my site.
    Liked this post. Funny and unique.

    Tossing It Out

  3. too funny. I do the same thing, except wave in front of me, so looks more like a wave...
    but I have learned, from going to auctions, to be mindful of who is watching when you wave...had to cancel a few accidental bids....

  4. I think I do that washing motion and don't even realize it. Nice to meet you! I found you from Melissa's blog today. :)

  5. Hello! Melissa facilitated my finding your blog. :) Honestly though, I do something similar to your "washing motion." If I come across something I would rather not know I point at it or the person speaking and say, "Not real." It's simple and for some reason, it really works for me. Although I do get weird reactions when I actually do it to people. For some reason they don't like being told they aren't real...

  6. I'm not a Louise Haye groupy but I did take two things from her. One is the saying 'Release them to happiness that is meaningful to them.' Comes in really handy for people who want to be unhappy.
    The second thing is - in situations like you describe I quickly say "cancel, cancel." Works for me. Glad the hand thing works for you.
    She's probably thinking - did I know her?

  7. Hi all and welcome to those new to the blog.

    It is nice that I'm not alone and others do the same thing.