Monday, October 31, 2011


A make-up artist I am not.  But it's all fun right?  I can hardly wait for the other girls to get here to see what they did.  I sure hope they did...but if not, it won't be the first time I was goofy all by myself.  In fact, it is kind of a daily occurrence for me. ;)


  1. I am continually amused that the "p word" is being flung in your boss' face. :D Erm... you know what I mean.

  2. It's hilarious!!

    If this were a real company, we'd probably not get away with it, but we are just smal and so it works.

    He says he likes our shirts. YaY. I will have job tomorrow.

  3. Phew!! Nothing worse than a cat thrown out on the pavement.

  4. He took our picture and posted it to face book saying what great assistants we were - Awe...

    Jamie made sure he knew we were mocking him. He still liked it though. Ahahah, do not want kitty kicked to the curb.

  5. I don't think we'd get away with it at work, but you look really good. I'm glad your boss understood the fun side :).