Saturday, October 29, 2011

Stuff I still gotta do

1.  Finish stocking up the house.

I find it much easier during Nano to have things readily available - important things like, toilet paper, dog treats, cat food, laundry soap and coffee - not necessarily in that order ;)  The goal is to minimize going to the market.  When I do go it is for just a few items that need to be bought weekly.  Get in, get out, get back to writing.

2. Hair cut?  No Hair cut?

I'm vacillating on this one.  I should probably cut it, but my hair is so wacky that a hair cut can turn it into an unruly mass that will take more time to try and tame than it is worth.  I think I've decided then. 
No.  Just say no to hair cut.  But then again...

3.  Get the car oiled.

That little odometer is saying it is time, so I'll get that done this weekend.
(Actually I'm out of washer fluid - funny how that always coincides with needing to change the oil;)
4.  Shoes would be a good thing. 

Despite my best sandal efforts and it does appear to be working as the temperatures are climbing-- I don't see the weather staying sandal worthy for all of November.  Must. Buy. Shoes.

5.  Clean the house.

It will be a month before it sees any serious cleaning happening.  A thorough once over is a good thing.

6. Plot - a plot would be nice.

It is Nano so I know the whole 'no plot, no problem' thing.  But a plot would be nice, just say'n.  I was hoping for a bit of an outline too, but you can't always get what you want.  I have some pretty awesome, quirky characters.  They just can't decide if they want to be serious or silly.

Guess I'll find out on November 1, unless of course the Muse comes a calling and helps just a wee bit before then.  **Oh Muse-y - You can find me at the Jiffy Lube - I'll be stuck there for 30 minutes or so if you'd like to stop by.  Muse?**

Enough blogging, there is work to be done.


  1. Seriously silly I hope...murder at the Juffy Lube. Car comes out the other end with a corpse at the wheel..not the stiff who drove it in. Do we have a psychopath on the staff?

  2. OH MBJ that is hilarious ! You have my permission to steal her idea Judie. Besides she posted it on YOUR blog. Good luck On NaNoWriMo.

  3. ahahaha I'm not into murder like Kate is.. I say run with it!! If no one takes it I might try a new genre next year!!