Monday, October 17, 2011


When you don't pay particular attention, the things you read can be pretty funny.

Be Prepared to Stop  -the big orange sign declares in our orange cone infested city.

I saw Prepare to be stopped. I hear it in an overly loud robot kind of voice. Ya know the 'Danger, Danger Will Robinson', robot voice.

Yes, I just dated my self
No, I have nothing better to write about.

May tomorrow be more interesting.


  1. Our city is also filled with those orange cones. I am thinking it's some kind of invasion. Probably from the planet of "can't get there from here".

  2. ahahaha That is awesome. That has got to be the planet!!

  3. I misread things ALL the time... usually they take on a dirty connotation, but that is probably just me. It's why I tell people Misattributing is my superpower.

  4. Oh, that is a GOOD word to take the wrong way.
    I love it!!

  5. I loved the robot as it shouted to protect that adorable little red headed kid, Will Robinson. I think the kid has got to be in his 50s now. Sigh.....

  6. One can't expect the ladybugs to move everyday...

  7. Judy - yeah, they don't move everyday. Not sure what makes 'em move. I suspect Bob but then I it would be more haphazard than that it is. So I guess I'll just have to say, magical, magical, and leave it at that.

    Colleen - he was a cute little boy. My how time flies. ;)