Sunday, October 23, 2011

You want me to do what?

I am not a good cook of the usual sustenance people consume to keep functioning on a day to day basis.

In my youth I could bake fantastic cookies, pies and goodies delightful. But when it came to dinner, even my brother who would eat almost anything drew the line at my cooking. The sibs would bribe me not to cook. It didn't hurt my feelings. I could bake and at the end of the day when they were begging me to make an apple pie or cookies - what was a measly meal compared to that?

As a mother, I muddled through with the cooking - nothing great but I had fun with it. I would try new things, probably too often - but it is fun to play. Then one day many years ago my children took over cooking Thanksgiving dinner because they couldn't take it any more.  They now slave away in the kitchen and I get to be the one under foot sneaking a bite of this and a taste of that. 

I get it.  I'm okay with that. I know I have a few things that I can cook and no one wants chili for T-Day.  My daughter surpassed me with her potato salad creation - so even my once famed potato salad is no longer a must have. Hers does shine - it is her secret recipe that involves bacon, bleu cheese and way to many egg yolks to be considered healthy.  But when you are eating potato salad heart health is probably the last thing on your mind.

One Christmas I put together a Family Cookbook.  It contained my cookie recipe and coupons to local restaurants.

For our anniversary I teased about making Doug dinner because he always cooks. But I kind of like the man, why poison him?  I told him this laughingly and he said, "Might be kind of nice."

Aha, aha ha ha ... What? Really? O-kay.

So I went on line and found a recipe for stuffed peppers.  Having stated that I don't cook you would think that I would stick to the recipe.  Oh no, not me.  I added this and that and... I was going to have Stavo season it for me, but then it wouldn't be mine and if I was going to poison my man, it should be all me. ;)

How was it?  On a scale of 1-10? eh - maybe a 5.  Nothing to write home about.
I'd say the presentation was good - When you know you suck at something gotta distract with the glamour - and the wine.  Ply them with enough booze and anything tastes good.

How's Doug?
Last I checked, he wasn't twitching or making hurried trips to the bathroom.

Yep.  Warned the man and he still ate.  He loves me.


  1. Not a big fan of the cooking myself....haven't killed anyone yet but I'm still trying.

  2. Love to cook but time is big factor. So I cook really well for one meal and I make a HUGE amount and then we eat it all week. Lasagna is great for breakfast.

  3. I'm useless at cooking anything. I can muddle through, and I think the meals are edible, but it's not something I'm really interested in. My sister, on the other hand, is a genius. With everything! I must have skipped that gene.

  4. Sorry to disagree with you, but your rating of the dinner was way off. I'd say it was the full ten out of ten. It was delicious, nutritious, romantic... and I'm still alive. What more could a man want?

  5. Ahahaha you HAVE to say that 'cause you want me to try it again sometime. ;)

  6. Hey, that's THE mark of success. No one died!

  7. I used to love cooking. After years of doing it, I'm sick of it and I've lost my talent. People don't believe me but that's too bad.
    This is Judy, by the way. Blogger is being weird to me, tonight.

  8. Hi Judie! I have an award for you so please stop by my blog to pick it up.