Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Taking one for Val

I went to lunch with an old friend and she commented on the weather turning cold. 
I said, "I know, I need to get me some shoes." 
She said, "Please don't. As long as one person is still in sandals, perhaps the warm weather will come back."

Okay Val - This one's for you... and because I have nothing to blog about. 

I asked my daughter, "How strange will it look wearing a sweater and sandals?"
She said, "Well, if you're with other crazies you'll be okay."
I said, "I'm just going to work."
She said, "Then you'll be fine."


  1. So hard to give up the sandals. Our feet rebel at the very thought of confining leather. Last seasons shoes never seem to feel right on the foot.

  2. I know - and my last year shoes, the ones I like, I wore a hole in the bottom. =..(

    I do have another pair if it gets really cold. But for now I'm blaming it on Val because I can.
    = )

  3. Glad it's not just me who works with crazies! :)
    It's really getting cold here right now, I scuffle off to work in fluffy socks and Berghaus walking boots atm :(

  4. Pretty sandals! And nice polish, too. My feet have a tendency to get quite cold (ask my DH!) so unless it's really warm, I'm moving on to shoes I can wear with socks.

  5. I'm glad I'm not alone working with the crazies. It's a good thing, that they only look at my blog if I tell them too.

    I had that color on my finger nails for a few weeks, but it was just too dark and I kept frightening myself. ;)

  6. Did the sandals work? And who are the crazies you work with? Just wondering. :)

  7. Love the shoes and the toes. Still wearing sandals up here, too.

  8. Those are some cute sandals. Personally, I love when the weather gets cold enough for me to wrap my feet in warm socks and slippers and boots. Then again, I wear socks to bed, so...

    But really, cute sandals.

  9. Lydia -
    Sandles have not worked yet - still chilly here, but rummor has it that it supposed to warm up for Halloween.

    I work in the title industry and seriously it is a prerequsite non-crazy people need not apply.

    Carol and Delia
    YaY for sandles - they are cute and I got a good deal on them too. End of season clearance - gotta love it!