Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Daxleigh Avona

Daxliegh is the twin of Shaeli (thus the need for Spot to be Cat ;).

Shaeli was banished to the earth realm because she was falsely accused of something Daxliegh did. Daxliegh was just a child when this happened and in my minds eye I can feel her back story as this child. Hiding from the wrath of her elders only to discover upon her return that her sister has been banished.
Daxleigh's element is water.  Her totem is the Dragonfly.

Words I associate with Daxliegh:  Twin. Shame. Agenda. Power.  Strength.

I decided I wanted to have a dragonfly totem in the story when one day I was surrounded by them.  I was in the discovery process at the time and it seemed that they had to be in the story. 

I was amazed that they waited while I went in the house and got the camera.