Friday, April 6, 2012

Fanny Bottomwaker

When I first saw the name... I died.  I was doing a google search looking for odd names about five years ago and there was the strangest of them all.  Bottomwacker.

That was all it took. Her name would be Fanny-- Fanny Bottomwacker. I saw her with a wooden spoon handling a passel full of children in an orphanage. It would be a tongue in cheek romp.  When I began to flesh it out things changed.

I kept the wooden spoon, but she is over way more than some wayward kids.  She's the life and death between the worlds.  Trouble is she isn't getting any younger...her family has always guarded the portal.  Her daughter, however, ran off with an elf.  She needs her daughter now and put out a call to both realms for her to get her butt home. 

It is her granddaughter who answers the call.
Problem is that her granddaughter doesn't believe in magic.
What can I say...Issues.

Fanny muddles through as Fanny does.  She's a spry old gal who has fight left in her. She's also a bit crochety. When Teylor finally comes to grip with the fact that magic is real and tells Fanny she's ready to learn.  Fanny tells her she's not ready to teach it.  Teylor shrugs and walks off.  What ev.
Those two are destined to butt heads.

The thistle came one night when I was walking Chester.  The moon looked like a thistle to me.  I gave it to Fanny.

A little bit from the story. 

Fanny laughed and looked to the tree where she expected to see her granddaughter hanging upside down. Teylor was sitting on the branch. Maybe she really was getting older; no one should have been able to have moved an inch.

"Let me down," Teylor called to Fanny.

"Get yourself down. You got yourself up there," Fanny said.

"You're just a mean old witch," Teylor yelled back.

Fanny stopped and pointed a finger at Teylor. "I am a sorceress to you young lady. Only my friends may call me a witch."

Fanny felt her stomach drop when Teylor visibly shrank back towards the trunk of the tree. The child was as willful as her mother had been. She hated fighting, but by all the gods this one would stay. She did not have the energy to take another chance like she had with her daughter. She would get that child to understand her role in this if they had to do it hissing like cats the whole way.


  1. i, for real, had a great grandmother named Fanny (Burwell, how dull) who was half native American and half Irish. Legend was she told lots of fortunes. I bet she looked like YOUR Fanny. Looks like a great story

  2. That's awesome.
    My G-ma was named Winnefred. They had some great names back in the day.

  3. I was wondering what happened to old Fanny. She sounds like a great character. The story ain't too shabby, either. :)

    1. I keep pluggig away at it. My goal is to have the story written this year... but then I also wanted to lose weight... eh. Still plugging away at it!!

  4. I love it I love it I love it!!!
    Witches, how could I NOT?!

    (Dee, I was wondering about Fanny too. So good to know she's got her own story, and a magical one at that.)

    Exquisite thistle.

    1. ahaha glad you love it.

      I do like the magical Fanny over the "Annie" type Fanny that she originally was.