Friday, April 13, 2012

Lernaen Hydra

Okay - What I like about this creature is it  is a nine headed monster guarding the gate to the Underworld. In fantasy there are always quests and tasks to be completed. While Whispers isn't THAT kind of fantasy I kind of liked this creature. Helps that this artist's rendition looks like a dragon--I like dragons.

Slaying this beastie was one of Hercules' tasks, but becuase he brought a friend it pissed off a Goddess and so the task didn't count any more... wait, what? Maybe you're a Goddess, but that's just not fair.

Did I mention that it had razor sharp fangs filled with poison AND that when you cut off one head it grew back and brought a friend?  (Kind of like plucking a grey hair--don't try that at home folks;)  AND one of the heads was immortal...IMMORTAL and he killed it anyway.  Wait, what?  Dead immortal....hmmm.


  1. Nine heads...yikes...I can't keep one head looking any good.

  2. What if LD met up with Medusa? Imagine...

  3. Oh baby -- now there's a match!!