Thursday, April 5, 2012


Found this interesting creature by chance.  Maybe I liked the Moon part of the name. 

This is the name of a group of monsters in the legends of the Dreamtime of Native Australian people.  They had the bodies of dogs with women's feet and the head of a porcupine.  They were extremely stealthy and hunted humans. 

I can see these as the minion of the Tengu who rise to power once the Tengu have been banished.  Definite possibilities

***I think I'm kind of lost in this challenge.  I'm getting e-mail but can't firuge out how to go to the otheres people's blogs. -- I can be dense so this doesn't surprise me***
Maybe I just suck... alas

I can still read the A-Z on the people I usually read....that's a plus and awesome!!!


  1. Fun to populate your own little world isn't it?

  2. It really is fun. I am having a good time with this.