Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hoppy Easter!!

How could you not love a holiday that has cute fuzzy bunny's pooping chocolate eggs. 
I mean really, don't get no better than that!!

Other randomness that is not A-Z

Could this be the place where the lucky finally meet their match?

Um-- I thought this said Lucky Avenue- I just realized seeing it blown up it says LUCY
 Sorry Lucy where ever you are -- hope things aren't really a dead end.

This is sad... but I can seen me wearing these...


Last but not least... One does not expect to walk into a co-workers office and see your boss wearing her glasses so he can work on her computer.  It was totally Aw-Some.

How could I NOT take a picture... this is what I heard... "What are you doing Kyle?" then laughter ensues.  I, of course, grabbed my camera to find out what was going on.  When the crazies at my work are friendly... it is hilarious!!


  1. Hoppy Easter back to you and your boss!

  2. Happy Easter to you...may the bunny lay lots of chocolate eggs for you.

  3. Had an Easter Egg hunt for my grown kids today. It was so much fun to see them act like little kids. Jess says, "Eggs?" Stavo says, "What?" and next thing I know it is a battle to collect them all. At one point I feared someone might get trampled. It was awesome and very fun.

  4. Hoppy Easter to you, too. Your boss is kinda cute, huh?

    1. He is. He has cute personality too (when he's not pissing me off ;))))